6 Best Friend Quotes to Celebrate Friendship day 2016

It’s International Best Friendship Day of 2016! Five cheers to the one friend that has stuck by you through your best and worst times. The one that provides a shoulder to cry on and makes you laugh even when you’re angry. Besties are one-of-a-kind and great to keep you on your toes and push you to be a better person. To cover all the various types of besties in the world, we’ve come up with a couple of quotes to best express that wondrous relationship known as friendship, and we expressed these feelings with them on friendship day 2016, here we create some of the best images for you, to share your feelings on this friendship day 2016 quotes images HD, Share and enjoy this lovely rain of friendship. (Image credit : Dzigbodi Djugba)

  1. The Essence of Friendship: 

  2. Long Distance Friendship:
  3. Your Ride or Die:
  4. The Intuitive Companion:  
  5. The Bond that won't Break:
  6. The Muse: